Our Technology

Intraoral Camera

Dental Garden Grove

Our intraoral digital camera makes it easier for our patients to know and understand their own dental health conditions on a computer monitor. It simplifies our approach to patient education because our patients see what our dental experts see. With bright LED light sources, our intraoral digital camera helps us to visualize more because it allows us to diagnose fractures that even the naked eye could not see. The digital images that are produced provide helpful information to insurance companies and other doctors if necessary.

Rotary Endodontics

This new method in root canal procedures utilizes an electric handpiece instead of a manual instrument. Because it uses an electric instrument, there is no drilling noise associated with root canal procedures. This allows our dental experts to clean and shape the canals faster. Combined with various sedation options and local anesthetics, rotary endodontics makes the entire root canal treatment a more pleasant experience. Our patients can relax more comfortably while our dental specialists work on the root canal procedures.

Electric Handpieces

Because the absolute comfort of our patients is our top priority, we use electric handpieces to make dental treatments a breeze and more relaxing for them. As opposed to air-driven handpieces, electric handpieces do not produce a “whiney sounding” air, making the drilling virtually silent. The whine of a dental drill often creates an unpleasant and scary atmosphere for most patients. With electric handpieces, our patients are at ease because there is less vibration and less noise. It allows our dental specialists to perform treatments more smoothly and quickly, removing decay at a faster pace.